Linggo, Pebrero 19, 2012

My self

It feels like the night is blinking with love. The narrow road has widen it way to you, my oblivion has gone. I have seen you in my dreams and had told myself to look for you. You are in a shadow of uncertain. Afraid to be seen, but I am fallen for you. I am fallen with the grace of your smile. Though it is hard to fathomed, but you are enigmatic. You are keen. 

I'm in love.  I am whole.

The gliding sway of your hair gives me life. Someone whom I thought is impossible to have. I lean on the grudge. But now i am free. I have accepted my self. I have decided to live a good life. I choose to be happy now. 

I am alive. I am free. 

I have fallen for you. You are the start of my undying dream. To be happy and be free. 

I love you myself!

Sabado, Pebrero 4, 2012

I am still ME..

I am trying to compose myself and be grateful for whatever things I have right now, life, job, friends, family and my God- eagerly give me something to learn everyday. Binding all pains, blare, remorse and losing and letting these aspects of life be a cause to be grateful each day. 

I can't give up the fight, I can't stop my dreams nor trade it for another dream. I have to achieve them myself. The world is vast, I can dream the dreams and let them happen. I am strong. I am happy. I am who I am, because God made me awesomely and wonderfully!

I have learned my lessons, I have gauge what is essential to life and that is giving importance of what I have. Though it is impossible to sew back the broken stitches, still I can make a difference. I can still kick some asses. Who says I can't? Well, they're blind. Who says I can't? Well they're odd. I can do. I can make it. I can raise the red and live happily.

Biyernes, Pebrero 3, 2012

The Beginning

I have been in the state of depression, lurking with a vivid yet grotesque picture of my past.  I feel like it is hunting me down- breaking the silence I have, in order to stop it I created this blog hoping that it'll somehow ease the pain and  end the boredom I have inside.

I am trying my luck to blog, this isn't my forte, but with the curiosity I have to do it. Well, nothing's going to passed on if I may continue. It this is not my cliche then I will stop. Life is gross nowadays I've seen deaths and morbid visions, they're crap. A headless guy who keeps on following me. Or is it me who is walking while my eyes closed? I don't know either. It's all dark.

Then I heard a baby's cry. A soothing song to my ears, his or her cry is a music that enlightened me, woke me up. I am dreaming. Escaping from the truth. The truth that I am positive of HIV/ AIDS.